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Nationality: Vietnam

Place of birth: Bulgaria

Current location: New Zealand

Instruments: Vietnamese zither, Bamboo xylophone (T’rung), K’longput.

Background:   Diploma in Multimedia Design (2004)       
                           – Bachelor of Vietnam traditional music from Vietnam National Academic of Music (2011)
– Postgraduate in International Studies (2012)
– Diploma in Creativity (2017)

Music direction: Using Asian traditional music material to apply to modern world music, improvised music and more …

Favourite quote: “It is not length of life, but depth of life” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. What an amazing life you have built, lots of study and creative exploration. I am really envious, I have worked really hard playing percussion in rock bands and am looking to start on a string of new releases soon. I’m putting a studio to demo stuff in my basement and am wanting to do a type of solo recording- maybe a song each with the many friends and varied musical genres but am wondering about flow and continuity with different genres.
    I will say that I am really interested to meet and talk ‘shop’, your background and musical ideas sound really inspiring!!
    Hope you have another great day!

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